2024 5th International Conference on Urban Engineering and Management Science(ICUEMS 2024)

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2024 5th International Conference on Urban Engineering and Management Science

The 5th International Conference on Urban Engineering and Management Science (ICUEMS 2024) will be held in Tianjin from August 02 to August 04, 2024. The purpose of the conference is to provide a platform for experts, scholars, engineers, and technical researchers engaged in urban engineering and management science-related fields to share scientific research achievements and cutting-edge technologies, understand academic development trends, broaden research ideas, strengthen academic research and discussion, and promote industrial cooperation in academic achievements. We sincerely invite experts, scholars, business professionals, and other relevant personnel from domestic and foreign universities and research institutions to participate in the exchange.

The overall task of urban engineering system planning is to reasonably determine the scale and capacity of the standard facilities for planning and construction of each professional engineering system during the urban planning period and scientifically range the facilities according to the economic and social development goals of the city and the actual situation of the city; Formulate corresponding construction strategies and measures. Management science uses the comprehensive interdisciplinary science of natural science and social science to analyze operations management, human resource management, risk management, and decision-making under uncertainty, as well as the evolution, emergency, self-adaptation, self-organization, and self-similarity of complex system mechanisms, etc. Since all organizations can be viewed as systems, management can also be viewed as a phenomenon of human behavior, including designing and promoting systems for better production. This view creates opportunities for "managing" itself, a prerequisite for managing oneself before managing others.

To ensure the rationality of urban engineering, it is imperative to strengthen urban engineering management. The content of urban engineering management includes multiple aspects, such as urban engineering schemes, resource utilization, and construction. Strengthening urban engineering management can undoubtedly reduce engineering costs and improve engineering efficiency, which is beneficial for improving the quality of urban engineering.

ICUEMS2024 will discuss the relationship between management science and urban engineering, utilizing advanced management methods to optimize urban engineering.

Looking forward to participating in ICUEMS 2024 with you!


Topics of interest include but are not limited to

Architecture and
Urban Planning

City management 

Regional policies

Regional planning

Architectural design

Environmental protection

Urban Protection and Renewal

Sustainable Infrastructure

Green Building and Environmental Protection

Ecological construction and intelligent control

Art Design and Landscape Architecture

Attraction development

Urban modernization 

Smart City


Transportation and logistics management

Traffic control

Public safety

Logistics Management

Supply chain management

Supply Chain Risk Management

Global Service Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Planning and Inventory Management

Coordination and Collaboration of Supply Chain Networks

Resource and Environmental Management

Supply and Management of Urban Public Services

Information and Communication Management

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Accident analysis and prevention


Modern management

Big Data Management

Digital management

Security management 

Information management

Management and Organizational Behavior

Risk management 

Operation management

Project management

Industrial Engineering and Management

Safety Engineering and Management

Civil and Structural Engineering 

Logistics and Supply Chain Management


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Full Paper Submission Date

July 02, 2024

Registration Deadline

July 12, 2024

Final Paper Submission Date

July 22, 2024

Conference Dates

August 02-04, 2024



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